MassHunter Quantitative Analysis Graphics Error

Hello, I am trying to analyze LC/MS data on the MassHunter Quantitative Analysis for QQQ software. Whenever I attempt to open compounds at-a-glance, I am met with an error that reads: "The number of graphics panes exceeds maximum limit." This occurs even when I reduce the number of panes to 1x1. Has anyone else encountered this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Hello  ,

    I'm not finding this as a known issue.

    For an error like this the first thing to try is the Quant Restore User Settings tool. Before doing this make certain you have any custom column or screen layouts saved in Quant. Also make note of what report method you are using, as this information will also be cleared when you use the tool. Then close all open copies of Quant and run the tool. 

    The Restore User Settings tool can be found in the Windows Start menu under Agilent MassHunter Quantitative->Quantitative Analysis Tools->Restore User Settings.

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