Root Element Missing

I'm trying to open data acquisition on MassHunter v8.02.  I'm getting this root element missing error.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software but the error keeps happening.  I'm able to open the offline method editor with no issues.  I thought it was the default method causing the error.  I have deleted the method and also replaced the method with a working method.  Anybody have any other ideas on what is causing this?


  • Hello  ,

    This type of error typically indicates that one of the settings files has become corrupted. These are stored in the MassHunter folder, so those are not always cleared on reinstalls unless you rename that folder.

    To resolve this make certain the acq engines are shutdown. Then go to the MassHunter\AppStore folder and delete or move all of the .xml files in that folder and also the ones in MassHunter\AppStore\_default\Console. This will reset all of your acq preferences and should then allow acq to launch.

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