Tune file changes source temperatures after saving MS temperatures/tune parameters and associated method - MH Data Acquisition 10.2


I have a recurring problem that when I load any tune file in MH Data Acquisition V 10.2, no matter what the saved method and method embedded tune file parameters are for the source temperature, when I go to "Tune MSD" with the associated tune file, the MS temps dialogue box pops up and the source temp ALWAYS says it is set to 230 degrees and starts reverting to that temp, which is the default source temp for atune.u.   I am trying to tune for BFB at a source temperature of 250.  If this difference is negligible with respect to acquiring BFB then maybe this can be overlooked but it is puzzling as to why this is occurring. 

I have done a couple of things such as setting the method to use atune.u, closing the software, renaming the original bfb_atune.u to bfb_atune.OLD, and then running autotune followed by bfb_atune.u.  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the software and nothing has worked so far.


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