Report.results.xml file & disk space

I am using the automated quantitation and reporting feature in Mass Hunter Quant 10.0.  I have the "Delete graphics files..." selected in the method.  The issue is that every sample is creating a report.results.xml file that is significantly large (13MB).  Due to the high number of samples I am runnign,  the 2Tbyte disk for the computer is out of disk space in less than 2 years.  Is there a way to prevent the report.results.xml file from being generated?

  • Hello  ,

    If you are using Excel report templates you must generate the report.results.xml file to get a report. 

    If you are not using Excel templates you can disable the generation of this file in the Results tab of the Report Method Editor if it has been manually enabled. 

    By default if not using Excel templates it should not be generated. The only time it is necessary when using Report Builder or Python based reports is if you want to update your acq dMRM methods.

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