Mass Hunter Qualitative Analysis Navigator- issue populating the integration peak list

Hello, I am having an issue with populating the integration peak list. The label column in the integration peak list is not populating after I identify the compounds. I would like to have the name of the compound associated with the peak, so I can export this file into csv file later. Please let me know how to fix this. Thanks!

  • Hello  ,

    If you are referring to B.08.00 Qual Navigator then I'm not able to find a way to label the TIC peaks with the associated compound information. You can export the Compound table from the Workflows view, but that would not contain the Area % columns.

    In B.08 it may be possible to use Unknowns Analysis to generate a compound report that includes Area % information, though you cannot duplicate all Qual workflows in UA. 

    In Qual Version 10.0 and later if the compounds were found by integration it is possible to use the Navigator view menu Actions->Correlate TIC with Find by Integration and the labels will be added to the peak list and will be available for peak labels.

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