Issue with MRM to dMRM Switch.

I'm currently encountering a challenging issue with MassHunter Acquisition Software that has significantly hindered my workflow. I am hoping to leverage the community's expertise to find an effective resolution.

Switching from MRM to dMRM Settings Error:

  • Issue: Every attempt to switch from MRM to dMRM in the software triggers an error, disrupting my analysis setup.
  • Error Message: "Quant cannot process the selected data file or the Quant result file has been deleted. Failed to load XML data at the root level is invalid line 1 position 1."
  • Context: This error appears during the setup process when modifying analysis methods, specifically when transitioning from MRM to dMRM.

If anyone has encountered similar issues or has insights into potential solutions, your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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