MassHunter Report Builder 10.2.1 Expression to Reference Different LOQs?

I have a large compound list with 2 different LOQs, and in the FinalConcentration field of the report I would like it to compare the value against each compound's respective LOQ and if it is less than that, report "< the LOQ value".  For examle, if the concentration is 0.0001 and LOQ is 0.001, report <0.001, for another compound where LOQ is 0.005, report <0.005 in that case.  

I assume it's somethijg like this:

"<LOQ" if BoundItems["TargetPeak"] is None or BoundItems["TargetPeak"].IsFinalConcentrationNull() or not BoundItems["TargetPeak"].IsOutlierBelowLimitOfQuantitationNull() else BoundItems["TargetPeak"].FinalConcentration

for "<LOQ" I'd like it to actually recall the specific LOQ value and report that instead of just the same string of text.

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