Masshunter (10.2.524.1) won't recognize the R60 tray on our PAL RSI 120 (G7368-66667).

The R60 tray is metal and holds 60 vials. It fits in the standard tray holder that holds 3 VT15 trays. We have run many samples with the VT15 trays. When we put the R60 tray on and change the configuration using the PAL controller (telling it that the R60 is in rack 1 with 10mL mag cap vials) and simulate the sequence, MassHunter returns an error on vial 16 that it is out of range. It seems to think that there are only 15 positions in the R60. We have 2 other PALs with the same trayholder and the R60 is recognized without errors on both of them.

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