Software: Mass Hunter GC/MS Acquisition, B.07.05.2479 - Potential Upgrade & Compatibility w/ Windows 10-11

Is Software: Mass Hunter GC/MS Acquisition, B.07.05.2479 compatible with Windows 10-11? It is currently installed on a Windows 7 workstation and needs to be life-cycled. 

  • B.07.05.2479 was released in September 2016.  That version of Acquistion will work on WIndows10 64 bit but the MassHunter Qual and Quant from that time will not.  The current revision of Acquisition tested on Windows 11 is 10.2 SR3.  Upgrading software will require firmware updates of the GC and the MS which are included with the upgrade media.  Please contact your Agilent sales person.

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