Software: Mass Hunter GC/MS Acquisition, B.07.05.2479 23-Aug-2016 - Mass Spectrometer: US1651R011 - Gas Chromatography: US16263022 - Remote Desktop Issue

I have a chemist who uses GC/MS and has been experiencing issues with running samples and when he connects to the workstation with GC/MS via VNC Viewer it causes the samples to fail and throw errors such as, "Cannon open file D:\MassHunter\GCMS\1\simulate.sequence.log"

               "Run Method Error - Consult Halted. To Resume , re-run the sequence" "Can't Access printer or no printers installed" 

               "Printer Error: Can't access printer or no printers installed"

Chemist had said, "It really seems to be an issue with printers and VNC.  Both Deok users have noticed that when they log onto VNC, it changes the default printer on the computer they are accessing to the the default printer for their laptop.  Combining that with the fact that when I have the issue, there is always an error in the log book about not being able to find or access printers.  We do not have our method set to automatically print anything for the runs, but perhaps the method requires accessing them for something.  I would also mention that this problem started after I had issues  with VNC not listening to cloud connections on Friday the 19th of last month"

Does anyone have any insight or has had any similar issues?

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