MassHunter Qualitative Analysis Software - Building custom reports using report builder

I have this workflow here which includes "extracting additional chromatogram" followed with "Print custom report". 

One screenshot of "extracting additional chromatogram" is as follows where I wanted MS Chromatogram (Integrate) i.e. SIM ions chromatogram. E.g. if I have three SIM ions in my method, I am able to see the chromatograms for those three SIM ions when I chose this option. 


However, while I could see on screen, I could not "call" them out in my custom report. My custom report could only show TIC chromatogram which I do not want. I want to see the SIM chromatograms for my SIM ions. 

I am clueless as to whether MassHunter Qualitative Software indeed has this option to print "extract additional chromatograms" chromatograms into the custom report. 

I do not mind using expressions as long as I have an answer to how to write them. 

Thank you for the answers and I greatly appreciate them.

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