How to track which samples have been have been modified in Agilent MassHunter Quantitative analysis and how to track the result of the modification?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to figure out how to see which samples have been altered in their chromatograms. I know you can see it in the audit trail, but is there a way for it to show in the batch table (and also report)? This concerns modifications of integration parameters, manual integrations/zero peaks. I want it to show if any change have been made in either the compound or internal standard.

Is it also possible to see the changes in response in the audit trail when integration parameters have been altered? For instance if I change from agile2 to general with a certain threshold changed. I would like it to also show the peak has in/de-creased by X%.

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  • Hello  ,

    Manually integrated peaks are flagged in the batch table, and there are also indicators in the Compound Chromatogram. 

    You can also change the fill color of manually integrated peaks if you want that to stand out more.

    There is nothing that will specifically show what integration parameters have been changed, but some of the parameters can be added as columns.

    There are also some columns you can add in the results section that show if the integration start and end times have changed, as well as what the original response was. These should be available in reports as well. A percent difference is not calculated. 

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