automation analysis and report failed

Hi everyone one,

I'm trying to set up automatic quantification and reporting of samples after acquisition, but I'm encountering some issues.

Here it's what i do:

I added column Keyword, DA method File, DA Method path and DA Report Method

i fill them with the same value for all my sample in my sequence, Keywork is empty

At the end of my sequence, I add a line with the keyword "Do Batch Quant". The above-mentioned columns have the same value as all the other samples.

I run my sequence, everything is fine, my datas are acquired, but at the end i don't have any report or batch create with my samples.

In the logbook i found this error:  

DoBatchQuant: ' '

Executing post-sequence Quant Batch action: C:\Users\........

Error in MHBridge Index -1 is out of bounds

Have you any ideas of what i'm doing wrong ?

Software information:

MassHunterWorkstation GC/MS Data acquisition 10.2.489

MassHunter Workstation Software Quantitative analysis B.08.00

In the acquisition Method data acquisition and anaylsis are enable both

Thanks for helping !

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