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I have been attempting to process data recently and have been getting an error.  This message says integration but its also with analyze.  It also appears to happen randomly with any sample.  We are processing using ChemLaunch with Agilent ECM so access to the data files is limited. I'm hoping we don't have to do a re-run. 

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    I'm not finding this specific issue, but there are several things you can try for a data access/index out of range error. First would be to attempt to open the data in qual. This could isolate it to a general issue with the data file or an issue with quant, your quant method, or the indexing of the data file.

    If this is SQ GCMS data you could try to manually retranslate the data and see if that will allow the file to be opened or indexed by quant.

    If it appears to be an issue with just quant you can force the indexes to be recreated by going into the data folder and renaming or deleting the MSIndex.bin and MSTree2.bin files and then reloading the batch.

    I realize with this on an ECM you may be somewhat limited in what you can try, but these would be the things to start with. 

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