masshunter 12.1 tune problems

We recently switched to MH 12.1 for our 6495C. This version of acquisition does not have tune context. Instead the autotune is in the TQ tab of the method. 

When I request tune control, it does not change the TQ parameters. It only changes the temps after I start an autotune or check tune, which means that it is wasting tuning mix while the temperatures switch and then it starts tuning when the temp is 5 degrees from the set point and the tuning starts while the temperatures are still changing.

I tried starting a tune check and then cancelling it. It continues going to the tune parameters for a little while, but then it times out and goes to the method parameters in a fairly short period of time.

I expect it to go to the tune parameters as soon as I request tune control.

Next: When the checktune fails, it does not tell me why or give a report or anything. The Tune status gives a date/time code and says Checktune failed, but does not generate a report or give an error code. The windows notifications have something, but I cannot expand them, save them, or request more info. It is really hard to even capture what it says to relay here!


Finally: I have it selected to Tune masses < 100 m/z (Neg, Unit), but the tune report does not seem to be tuning for m/z 42. It doesn't give abundance versus m/z peaks, and it is not included in the wide scan (bar plot). The mass accuracy says to adjust, but it doesn't adjust it. It also is not included in the dynamic ramp tables.

Further, it seems as though it does not always turn the calibrant on or off when it should.

  • Hello  ,

    In previous versions of acquisition the temperatures were overshot when heating and extra time was required for equilibration. With the newer software the heating mechanism has been changed and extensive equilibration is no longer required. If you'd like to minimize the time that calibrant is flowing, you can create a method with autotune flows and temps and then load and equilibrate this method prior to going to tune mode. 

    To see the full error message for your failed tune you will need to check the System Activity Log. This can be accessed from acquisition in the Tools section of the toolbar.

    You can also see this information in the control panel on the instrument screen under the Activity Log. In either view you can click on the triangle at the left side of the event to see details for a given entry.

    UPDATE-see response below for updated information on low mass tuning.

    As far as I know, tuning for m/z 42 is only supported on the latest generation QCard instruments - Ultivo, G6475A, and G6495D. Classic instruments like the G6495C should use m/z 69. If the reports are not reflecting this, it may be best to contact your local support team to receive more detailed assistance with your issue. 

  • Our G6495C using MH12.1 shows m/z 42 for MS2 (not MS1) at all three widths in the evalution (the checktune part of the Autotune report). So no spectrum is shown. The m/z 69 is only listed in the MS2PreFilterDC table.

  • The System Activity Log might give some error, but for more details try and see if you have a tunelog in your user temp folder (next to where the tunereport pdf is written).

    The tunelog (e.g. TuneLog-2024 -01-05-01-47-33.txt) is written to %TEMP% (C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp) when performing Autotune/Checktune with MH 12.1 on our system, and it is written while running and finishes off with an xml containing all of the evaluation. The tunelog from Autotune to be quite complex - but I managed to find some useful information, such as "retrying ..." and "error" lines.

  • Hello  and  ,

    Product support has released new information on the 12.1 tune report and confirmed that the low mass ion was changed to m/z 42 for all TQ. It will only show on classic instruments if the option to 'Tune masses < 100 m/z' is selected. This ion is a product ion of m/z 302 formed through CID in the collision cell and so is only reported for MS2. 

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