Optimizing GC-MSD data analysis with Agilent Profinder

I am currently working on GC-MSD data analysis using the Agilent Profinder software and would greatly appreciate any advice or tips you might have for improving my post-processing workflow.

To provide some context, I have attached images showcasing the parameters I've selected for my analysis. However, I am facing challenges related to memory and processor limitations on my computer. As a workaround, I am considering working on small batches of samples and then merging the datasets later.

Here are my specific questions:

  1. Post-Processing Optimization:

    • Are there specific parameters I should adjust to increase the number of peaks generated in the final analysis?
    • Are there settings or strategies within Agilent Profinder that you recommend for optimizing post-processing efficiency?

  2. Working with Small Batches:

    • Due to memory and processor constraints, I am contemplating analyzing small batches of samples separately. Is this a viable approach?
    • If so, what would be the best way to merge the datasets later while ensuring data integrity and accuracy?

Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance!

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