Last sequence method doesn't stick after sequence completes

In MassHunter Workstation for GC/MS data Acquisition version 10.0 SR1 I'm running a sequence with the last line intending to put the GC in an idle state, so lowered inlet and detector temperatures and flame gases off. However after the last sequence line has loaded the idle method and completed its run and the sequence ends, the idle method doesn't stay loaded. Instead the method that was present before the sequence was started is loaded. This is different behavior from what I remember of earlier versions of ChemStation. Is there a way to get the method from the last line of a sequence to stick?

  • One workaround you can use: change the idle method to manual injection (Instrument menu > Inlet/Injection Types).  Use regular information in the sequence line for the idle method so MassHunter thinks an actual sample will run.  The software will wait for a start signal from the GC, and the software should sit in that state until the GC starts (typically via the Start button on the front panel) or the sequence is aborted.

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