Which report template is used to generate the TIC when using the Print Icon in MassHunter Qualitative?


I am trying to change the content of the report template used to generate the TICs in Qual when clicking the Print icon (see blue arrow below).

Can you please tell me which template is being used? I am able to modify the logo, so I know it's there somewhere...

I have MH Qual 10 (RB 10) and MH Quant 12 (RB 12).

I am hoping to click the print icon and generate a TIC that has a header with more sample information. I can use the export templates and create a one page graphic, but it would be great if I could simply click the icon.


  • Hello  ,

    From what I have been able to find, the template used by Qual is located in the same location as the other Qual templates, D:\MassHunter\Report Templates\Qual\10.0\en-US\Letter by default for English, Letter size reports. The template is named Graphic.template.xml. It is not intended to be user editable. The same is true for any of the system templates located in the C:\Program Files\Agilent folders.

    You can attempt to manually edit any of the xml templates, but this is not supported and has not been tested. There will almost certainly be limitations to what you can and cannot change or add. Make certain you have backups of the files if you wish to attempt this. If you accidently corrupt the original, the only solution would be to remove the bad template and then repair the software through the control panel to restore an original copy.

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