Mass Hunter 10.0 qual question

Mass Hunter 10.0 qual (8890-5977B): I tried to ID all peaks in TIC. However, after "integrate and extract chromatogram", not all the peaks are integrated. How could I manually integrate all peaks and make sure they in the list so I could ID them all at once ? Thank you.

  • Hello  ,

    If you are working in Navigator view it is possible to manually integrate and then extract peak spectrum. You would need to integrate your chromatogram first without extracting peak spectra. Next manually integrate any other peaks of interest. Then choose the Peak Select tool, left click and drag over the peaks of interest, and finally right click and Extract Peak Spectrum.

    If you are in Compounds view and using a workflow you can left click and drag over a peak and  choose Integrate and Extract Compounds from the right click context menu. You can also select a range and then double click within the range to extract a compound without integrating. 

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