Calibration Sample Has No Matching Level

Greetings Agilent Community,

Some MassHunter 10 difficulty. I am using the same Quant method that I have used multiple times in the past to process data. This time, however, I am experiencing an error while building my calibration curve. In the Methods Editor, the message on the Method Error List reads "Calibration sample S23K010-CAL1.d has no matching level '0.1' in the calibration table". However, I have specified the appropriate level in the designated field. Under Method Setup Tasks > Concentration Setup, the levels match what I expect. The same error message appears for CAL2 and CAL3 on the list, but for no other CAL samples. The part where "Double clicking an error or warning will navigate you to the problem found" in fact does not navigate me anywhere, so I am at a bit of a loss for determining how to resolve this issue. Ignoring the error is not an option - MassHunter fails to build the curve.

Background. I built this quant method a few months ago and it has been working fine up to today. When processing a new calibration curve, I always build out the method from a "blank" method containing by default all compounds' expected transitions, retention times, calibration levels, qualifier ratios, etc. but without response values or curve fitting tweaks, which are batch specific. I am using MassHunter Workstation Quantitative Analysis for QQQ, Version 10.2, Build 10.2.733.8.

Your insight and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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