How to add Information set in the sequence comment in a masshunter Report (M.H. Reporting V12)


We are using MassHunter V12 and we will use a MassHunter report in CSV format.

I made the Template with the help of one of Agilent technician, but we needed some custom information and I have almost finished the Template we want.

But I cannot find the way to add the information we set in the comment section of the sequence (in the section where just before you hit run to start the sequence).
I tried with the Batch attributes or the Batch binding and with using the Comment dataset available there but It don't show that information (I think it shows the comment in the sequence table information).

I found another way to show what I want in the information report, but it would be easier if I would be able to get it like I said.

I looked in the DataSet document but there is little information about the comment.

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