MH Qual extraction MRM problem


i have a problem with MH Qual version 10 when i try to extract a unique MRM transition (not with all). I can t and i have the message error following : " xxx => xxx is not a valid value. First value must be range with values => 0 ...".

Thank uou for your feedback.

Fabrice Alliot

  • Hell  ,

    I believe this is a known issue in Qual B.08 and later.

    If extracting an individual transition gives an error, one possible workaround is to extract the signal for a specific collision energy instead of using the default setting of Any. This can be changed on the Advanced tab in either the Extract Chromatograms dialog or in the Additional Chromatograms section of the method editor.

    If the desired collision energy is not present in the dropdown then either extract all MRM transitions using the Find by MRM workflow and filter for only the desired compounds in the Compound Table, or extract an individual EIC of the desired MRM transition. This is a little more tedious than extracting an MRM chromatogram as the desired m/z value must be specified, but if the type is set to MRM first, then the desired transition selected, and then change the type to EIC, the m/z value with be filled in correctly.

  • Thank you Howard,

    in fact the problem was just a display problem. There was a conflict between the computer driving the spectrometer and the computer where I reprocess the data. All I had to do was replace the comma with a dot in the Windows regional settings on the desktop computer.

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