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We are working with MassHunter Networked Workstation that operates our  qTOF 6546 instrument  - Our laboratory works in regulatory environment  (GMP). Networked Workstation should generates the following records that can be viewed and printed. 

One of our problems concerns method acquisition version and its accessibility.   

When the acquisition method is created and it is saved it gets its own version eg. 001. Any changes introduced to the saved method  results in next version of the method eg. 002. The question is how it is possible to open former version of method?  When we try to open method file that is in results data folder we get an error. Problem described above drives us  to the situation than we cannot print or viewed the former version of the method that is inconsistent with regulation of  21 CFR 11 and Annex 11.

Our second concern concerns reports of analysis and methods. 

On the report, the name and the path of the acquisition method is visible but there is no information about  its version. Is  there any way to include version of the method (acquisition and processing) to the report template  with the results  that is editable in ReportBuilder? 

Report of acquisition method -  AcqMethodReport shows the version of the method, however it is saved in *.rdlc format file and it is not editable in report builder. 

Report of the processing method that is generated in Mass Hunter Quantitative  also does not include the version of the method. Is  there any way to modify the template of the processing report (*. rdlc file) and make the version method/batch visible on the report? 

Thanku you for any help,

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Piotr Kujawski

  • Hello  ,

    Currently it is not possible to open previous revisions of a method in Acquisition. There are plans to include an option in future releases to open methods stored in data files as read-only for review purposes. For now, if you'd like to review a previously acquired data file's acquisition parameters you can download the data file and use Qualitative Analysis to generate an acquisition method report. Another option would be to download the method from the data folder and then reupload using the Acquisition Import tool. This would best be done into a separate method folder in your project for historic methods. The method could then be loaded and reviewed in Acquisition or the Offline Method Editor.

    The acquisition method version is not available for reporting in quant. The quant method report is a Python based report and can be run in a report method using the \PDF-Reporting\ template. It may be possible to modify this report, but it would require utilizing the SDK and Python code. This is generating a report for the method within the batch, so you could access the batch RepositoryRevisionNumber for its version.

  • Dear Howard_Saford,

    Thank you for your answer that is very helpful.

    At least I know that opening previous revision of a method is not possible. I am aware that I can download the result, open it in Mass Hunter Qualitative and then print the report of acquisition method. The problem is that that Mass Hunter Qualitative does not have an audit trial. The same issue concerns downloading of data (The audit trial of Content Management gives information that the file was downloaded or uploaded). After downloading the file we do not have audit trial so Auditors  are not able to see/ check the “history” of the downloaded file.

    You wrote that acquisition method version is not available for reporting in quant. I would like you to ask is there any chance to outsorce to the Agilent preparing kind of tailor made report? 

    Do you have any information when the next  releases of Mass Hunter is planed (months ,1- year, 2 -years) ? 

  • Hello  ,

    The method embedded in the data file does not contain the audit trail information, but the info.xml file does contain the AppVersion number which can be checked against the File Version number in the working method's audit trail. This can be read directly from the file in the Content Managment view.

    There has been an enhancement request made to allow access to the acquisition method's version information in quant. Currently we have no information on future version's release timelines or included feature sets.

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