Collect DAD spectrum using Masshunter?


I have a G1315B DAD connected to a 1290 LC with a 6420 QQQ.  It is running on Masshunter version B.08.00.  I am trying to collect an absorbance spectrum chromatogram using the DAD simultaneously with the MS chromatogram.  I have de-selected all the Signals (i.e. A through E) and set the DAD Advanced Spectrum to 210 to 750 nm but do not see any absorbance signal when I go to extract the signal from the chromatogram.  Should I be doing anything differently?  Thank you!

  • Achem-

    Can you extract a UV chromatogram?  Right click on the TIC chromatogram ->extract chromatogram->Other Chromatograms->DAD1.  You should be able to extract UV spectra from that chromatogram.

  • Hello  ,

    As  shows, if you do have signals selected you should be able to choose one of those to have them displayed. If you have no signals selected to be saved and are only saving spectrum, then at least for a G7115A DAD, MassHunter will automatically create and extract a Total Wavelength Chromatogram (TWC). If you also have MS data it may not open this automatically, but you should be able to create it similarly to what andy showed.

    If this does not work for your G1315B then it may be some limitation of the particular version of acq and the LC drivers you are using. I would recommend just acquiring one dummy signal trace. You will still have the option to extract a TWC or EWC (Extracted Wavelength Chromatogram) from the spectrum data.

  • Thank you Howard,

    I think as you said there was a limitation to the G1315B where I had no signals selected but was trying to collect spectra.  It did not create a signal.  So like you have suggested I created a signal under "Signals"  and then selected "Store:  All" under the "Spectrum box".  This worked.  Thank you for the input!

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