SureMass Conversion of LC-QTOF data

I've recently been running into some problems with performing SureMass conversion of data collected on a 6546 LC-QTOF. I'm collecting both profile and centroid MS data using the default data storage thresholds. 

Initially, I was running SureMass conversion as part of my acquisition method, but I had an issue where the SureMass conversion would fail or time out triggering my acquisition cleanup script and crashing my sequence. 

There are no spaces in my data file names. Attempting to convert data files to SureMass using the stand alone tool in Quant I find that particular data files convert very slowly (> 1 hr per file) or do not convert at all. 

Any recommendations on how to set up my data handling strategy? I would like to process these files in Quant using the SureMass ESM's but I'm open to whatever works. I'll also be working with the same files in Qual to identify unknowns so isotopic fidelity and mass accuracy is important.   

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