Chemstation Memory Issue

I am receiving error messages about the computer's memory when I open up the Chemstation software and when I go to run a sequence in it.  When I open up the software the message I receive is "This computer is using most of its memory. Shut down other applications to run the Chemstation reliably." There are no other applications open when I go to use this computer.  When I go to run a sequence i get another message that it is not swap bound, but the sequence is able to begin and runs the first sample, but when it goes to run the second sample the software stops responding and freezes.  It doesn't return the vial and doesn't save the data from the run even though the GC instrument still goes through with the full run.  When I restart the instrument, it picks up where it froze and returns the vial, but i need to restart the computer as well. I checked the C Drive memory and there is more than half the space free on the drive.  I shutdown the computer in hopes of the RAM being able to clear up but not sure how else I can clear up the RAM, I also tried deleting the temporary files and that didn't seem to help either.  The version of Chemstation is G1701EA E.02.01.1177 and it is running on Windows 7.

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