Curve Fit for Calibration


I have a problem setting up a curve fit for my calibration. For some compounds the quantitative results present a minimun value even when the response for sample is none (for blanks for example). Does anyone know how to eliminate this issue? Also, whats the main difference of use Force, Include or Ignore in the curves?

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    The options, Force, Include or Ignore, specify how you want the origin to be handled. Force will make the calibration go through the point (0,0) while Include will add (0,0) as a point, in addition to your calibration standards, to be fit. Ignore will not use (0,0) in any way and will not impact the calibration curve. We recommend choosing the appropriate option based on your application and company practices. 

    If the y-intercept of your calibration curve is positive, blanks and compounds with a low response will have a concentration reported.

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