Report Builder for Unknowns Analysis

Hi, I've been working on a custom report template for Unknowns Analysis (V 10.2). I've been using Report Builder (V 10.2.1). The original template I started with was called AreaPercent.template.xml. I have a few questions maybe someone can help me with. 

1- Right now the compound name column comes from all component hits. But I was wondering if there is a way I can generate a report that only lists the target matches? Or can I separate tables to print target hits and then non-target hits? Both options would be helpful. 

2- Can I edit (reduce) the number of decimal places on RT min column? 

3- Is there a way to change how it names the PDF or CSV file when printing reports? Right now it names report the same name as the template (eg. AreaPercentCustom.pdf). I would prefer to print data file name or the sample name. Any options for this? 


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