Unknowns Analysis Report Generation


For some time I have been generating reports in Unknowns Analysis B9.0 with the following settings :

However, recently I have not able to generate the reports and keep getting this error:

Has anyone seen this before or able to help?


  • Hello  ,

    I have moved this discussion to the Mass Spectrometry Software forum for better visibility.

    Typically, this issue can be resolved by clearing the Unknowns Analysis user preference data. In newer revisions this can be done by using the Quantitative Analysis Tools utility Restore User Settings found in the Windows Start menu. This will reset the user settings and preferences for all Quant associate programs. All copies of Quant, UA, and the Library Editor should be closed before doing this. Make certain any custom layouts, column layouts, and the location of report methods are saved before running this. This information will be cleared for Quant, UA, and the Library Editor once the utility is run.

    If desired, only the information for Unknowns Analysis can be cleared by manually navigating to the folder

    C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Agilent_Technologies,_Inc\MassHunter Quant

    Where xxxxx is the name of the currently logged in user, and renaming the folder


    By changing the extension to .old.

    After doing this restart UA, specify your reporting method, and attempt to generate a report. 

  • Thanks Howard, that worked a treat.

    Have a great weekend.

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