I would like to check with you all. When purchasing a GCMS bundle which include the Masshunter and computer, Does it automatically comes with a PCDL manager? Because when i talk to the customer service, they said it they do not install the PCDL by default during installation and told me to locate it in the Masshunter Qualitative analysis software which i did but unable to find the exact folder that comes along and they keep pushing for G3336-60138 as it is the latest software.

Does anyone know where to find them in the original software? the qualitative analysis USB i have is G3336-60122 which i tried to locate for the file but unable to. Is there a different list to search for or do i really have to purchase that software

Thank you

  • Hello  ,

    The PCDL manager is located on its own installation media and is not part of Qual or any other package. I believe it still ships as a DVD or CD and the part number for the disk is what you mentioned, G3336-60138. It is typically only included for accurate mass systems or if a PCDL formatted library or database is purchased. If you cannot find the disk and you have registered your software on SubscribeNet then you can log in there to see if it is available with your entitlement. Otherwise, you can reach out to your local sales team to see if it was included in your purchase or what options are available in your region to obtain it. 

    If you are wanting to work with standard GCMS EI unit mass libraries, then the preferred tool for this is the Library Editor which ships with and is installed with Quant. This can be used to manage and edit libraries for use in Qual, Quant, and Unknowns Analysis.

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