MassHunter and GC 6890N

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I have a GC (6890N-FW 06.07)-FPD-MS (5975) and controlled by Chemstation (G1701EA). Program software upgraded to MassHunter (B.07), windows 10, 64bit.

When I use GC-MS (without FPD), The instrument work properly; But in the case that the FPD detector is turned on and the save data tick is ticked, after the end of the data acquisition, the saved file is not opened in quantitative software and an error message is issued.

What is the problem?

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  • Hello  ,

    What version of quant are you using? What error message do you receive?

  • Hi, Howard Sanford 

    Thank you for your replay. The version of MassHunter (MH) Data Acquisition and quantitative analysis programs software is B.07.00.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t any error code for this problem. But a window with “The head of file could not be empty!” appeared in the qualitative analysis software (with too many command lines in details).

    In MH data acquisition, the FPD is detectable and ignited properly. With selection of data saving in method of analysis and run a sample, the TIC and signal 1 are active in the time of acquisition. Unfortunately, for this case, the file is unreadable in MH Qualitative software! On the other side, when the data saving in GC is inactive, the file is readable in MH Qualitative software and TIC and MS will load.

    In other test, I used the Agilent MS Translator software for data files that had this error. At this time, the files opened up without any error! (FPD chromatogram, TIC and MS). But this information is not useful to me, because the time of data acquisition after translation is changed and does not match with real time of acquisition! (the time of analysis is important to me in my reports).

    I think this problem is related to the format of data saving of the FPD in GC-6890N (FPD1A.CH), that is different with the format of MH Qualitative software. I don’t know if the problem is related to Electronic of GC and/or FPD or MassHunter software.

    What is your idea? Is there any way to solve this problem? Or do I have to go back to Chemstation.

    Thanks in advance

  • Taha,

    MassHunter Acquisition version B.07.00 is not tested or supported on Windows 10.

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