Calibration curve using MSD ChemStation E.02.02.1431

Hello all!

We are trying to develop a method for quantification of very long-chain fatty acids in serum using GC/MS.
The software we're using for calibration and quantification is MSD ChemStation E.02.02.1431. We've decided to make a six point calibration curve, but we're having issues finding a way to obtain the bias for each point of the curve (we can only enter the nominal concentration). We'd like to know if there's a tool within this software version to get those bias values, or if this would have to be calculated using additional software.

On the other hand, we'd like to know if there's a way (also using this software) to substract a blank value from each point of the curve (since our analytes are endogenous, we can't get an analyte free matrix for our calibrators; we'd have to use pooled serum spiked with the analytes, and substract the "blank" base value).

I hope I've managed to make our issues clear.


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