MassHunter Quant - Analyze vs Quantitate - Retention Time


I have a few questions which I feel I should know but maybe our internal practices have messed me up. 

1. Whenever I would like to re-quantitate something, like after changing the way the calibration curve is setup (linear, quadratic) and click "quantitate" I get the message saying that "calibration is required", but if I go back to the method and click analyze the whole thing is re-analyzed and takes time.  Is there a step I might be missing?

2. We quantitate unknowns from known standards. We do unknowns analysis to ID the peaks, export to Quant, then set them all to quantitate by retention time (this is where I assume we should be able to click "analyze" and all peaks will be quantitated by the standard with the closest retention time).  We then have to go to the calibration curve setup for all the peaks and sort by retention time, then "copy calibration levels" to the appropriate ID standards.  This takes quite a bit of time and many mistakes later we are finished.  I feel the MassHunter software is smarter than this.  Is there a step by step method somewhere on quantitating unknowns by retention time without having to copy calibration levels to each unknown?

Thanks again for your help. 


  • Hello  ,

    Depending on exactly what changes have been made, what the state of the batch was prior to the changes, and your method settings, it may be necessary to analyze the batch to rebuild the calibration curve prior to re-quantitation.

    If you are on Version 10.0 or higher of quant, you can use an inherited calibration curve to quantitate unknowns. The setup for this can be found in the method editor under Advanced Tasks->Inherit Calibration Reference Setup. You can assign a standard curve to use for a given unknown using the Calibration Reference Compound Name column. This avoids copying curves and having to avoid analyzing the batch. For older versions of quant copying the calibration levels and being careful to only quantitate the batch is the only option.

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