Report builder or excel report with all hits across all samples

In either the PDF report builder version 10 or excel reporting, is it possible to have one report with one table containing all hits in the batch? I would like the compound names listed down the y-axis of the table and the sample names on the x axis of the table. Any help is appreciated

  • Hello  ,

    While it is possible to view the data this way in the batch table, it would be rather tricky to set up a report this way with Excel or Report Builder due to how the results tables are set up in the quant database. You could try using some of the techniques shown in the RSD template to store and track results and then re-output in a different format, but I'm not aware of anyone actually doing this.

    It should be possible in a Python report, but again would require some reshuffling of the results within the code to obtain the desired output. 

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