Find by formula error

Dear All,

I'm not LC-MS expertise. I,m using mass hunter qualitative 1oth edition for analyzing my peaks. When I'm in compound view and I use find by a formula, software didn't find my peptide but when I move in navigator windows, I have the spectrum zoomed of my formula. Can I use this spectra for confirm my compound? can you have any advice and explain why it happens?

thanks a milion for your assistance

  • Hello  ,

    The Find by Formula algorithm extracts an EIC based on the target m/z values and attempts to integrate a peak to confirm that the compound has been found. If no peak is found no compounds will be returned. If you are certain of the neutral mass, formula, charge carrier, and charge state you have specified, you could try adjusting the EIC integration and peak filter parameters in the Find by Formula method section.

    In Navigator view you can manually perform Library/DB searches or generate formulas. You can either do this for all peaks in the spectrum or a selected range of peaks by right clicking and choosing Search Library/DB for Spectra or Generate Formulas from Spectrum Peaks.

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