DA Reprocessor stops


I am performing some untargeted analysis using MH Qualitative Analysis 10.0 (compound view) - method workflow of Compound Discovery - Find my molecular feature and DB/LB/MGF search.

Following the Agilent manual, I first ran the method workflow for one single data file and confirmed working great. 

Then I run the batch data files using DA Reprocessor but I realized sometimes the sequence run stops and around after a hour run for one data. In the log, I see (can't remember the exact error note on top of my head) DA processor run stopped - error code 1. 

I google for this specific error code but didn't see any resources, except one Agilent forum post where someone replied that DA Reprocessor has a hard-coded 1 hour limit.

Is this true? 

Thank you in advance! 

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