Is Unknowns analysis terribly slow for anyone else?

Using 10.2 MassHunter Unknowns Analysis - we can only analyse like 5-6 files over a week! - PCs are robust and high spec with 8TB SSD, i9 processors and 128GB RAM none of which are used by the software. 

How do we get over this and actually use the GCMS data on this software for deconvolution purposes? 

Thank you 

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    For Unknowns Analysis processing of accurate mass GC-QTOF data we would recommend using centroid data, if at all possible, and using SureMass for Peak Detection. You can convert the data to SureMass format from the Tools->Convert Accurate Mass Samples menu. This will take some time, depending on the size of the data files, but data processing speed should be greatly increased. Also, on the Deconvolution tab make certain to disable Use integer m/z values. 

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