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Good morning everyone, I am trying to get a handle on developing reports using MassHunter's Report Builder expressions and Script Boxes. I've seen expressions like TemplateItems["Cell"].BackGround.Color.LightGray, for example, but can't find documentation for TemplateItems methods/attributes for me to customize.

Would anyone know where I can find documentation for this?

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  • Hi Howard, and thanks for the reply.

    As a follow up or possibly alternative to the previous question, is there a way to display query results using SQL (or LINQ) into a custom report? I would like to use Report Builder and call the queries from a Script Box or Text Box expression, but documentation on Report objects is very limited.

    I've used the MassHunter QA query option and have successfully written test queries, and I'm sure there are other ways to call/display the queries, but Report Builder has the added benefit of making other objects easily customizable.

    Thanks in advance Howard!

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    There is currently not a way to directly run SQL or LINQ queries in Report Builder. If you are not able to create a similar binding in Report Builder then you could investigate using the SDK and Python based reporting. While you cannot directly use SQL or LINQ queries in the Python reports, it should be possible to create a "SQL like" query in these reports. 

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