Is there a trick to having Find by Targeted MS/MS appear in the Compound Discovery tab ?

It has been sometime since I have been able to use the MassHunter training material on my LC-QTOF-MS.  I had set up analysis with a reference standard and have some literature data for collision energies and 

possible fragmentation of the molecular ion.  I set up the MS/MS experiment and I have Qualitative Analysis open and come across in my training material, Find by Targeted MS/MS.  I read the description

in my training manual, great, I want to use this.  I don't have that option under Compound Discovery.  Did I not select some option in MassHunter to enable this ?   It boggles my mind.

NB.  I do realize that if I set Auto Select Compound Mining, Find by Targeted MS/MS is the default.

  • Hello  ,

    The options available under Compound Discovery are determined by the type data present in the currently opened data file. This should be handled automatically in Qual 10.0. If the data file was acquired using a targeted MS/MS method, you should see the following options.

    If those are not available and there is targeted MS/MS data present, next I would try loading the default LC/MS method Default-LCMS.m and making a new method starting from those settings. If you still do not see all of the options, I would try using the Restore Qual Settings tool found in the Windows Start Menu under Agilent MassHunter Qualitative->Tools for Qualitative Analysis 10.0. This will clear all stored user preferences and can often resolve cases where Qual's behavior is not as expected.

    Let us know what you find.

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