Run Method Error - 5975C MS interfaced to 7890A GC

Dear All,

We are running a 5975C MS interfaced toa 7890A GC.  We recently changed form Chemstation E02.02 to MassHunter 10.1.  We were running smoothly with Chemstation and even MassHunter until we ran into a glitch where the sequence runs only the first row and then in trying to load the second row, it gives an error i.e., "Run Method Error - Consult Logbook - Sequence Halted" .....  We have battled with this for a long time now and failed to resolve it.  We reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled MassHunter on assumption that it was corrupted and even reconstructed the methods without copying using plash/hard drives to avoid reintroducing the corruption, but to no avail.  Please help.  A snapshot of the error is given below.

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