Corrects ISTD fortification issue for Surrogate % Recovery using Masshunter Quant.

Using MassHunter Quant, we use Internals and Surrogates (similar to EPA 1613). Surrogate % Recovery based on Amount Surrogate from ISTD.

There was a fortification issue with the ISTD for one sample, how can I get the software to correct so my Surrogate % Rec is correct? Further down, the Surrogate is doing it's job and correcting the Analytes correct so it is just the Surrogate % Recovery that is incorrect.

  • Hello  ,

    I believe in your case you could try using the Surrogate Dil. field. This is applied at a sample level. From the dataset manual


    SurrogateDilution stores a per sample Surrogate Concentration correction. It only affects Surrogate expected concentration and surrogate recovery. The CalculatedConcentration and FinalConcentration of surrogate compound are not affected.

    Surrogate Concentration = Surrogate Dilution * Surrogate Concentration (Surrogate Compound)

    SurrogateDilution is useful when you are weighing out the surrogate for each sample and the amount varies slightly.

    SurrogateDilution updates the Surrogate Concentration stored with the surrogate compound.

    SurrogateDilution works independently from the Multiplier or ApplyMultipliertoSurrogate adjustments.

    The column can be added to the Sample section of the batch table and edited directly there.

  • This is exactly it! Thank you.

    I must say, I appreciate every answer you have given me. You are a wealth of knowledge for this software.

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