Getting started using MassHunter workstation for quantitative analysis version 10.1


I am a new user of MassHunter workstation for quantitative analysis version 10.1.

I am having a difficult time getting started using the software.  I have found a few webinars and manuals that have information, but they don't cover enough basic information for a first-time user. 

Does anyone have any leads on how I can get started?

Thank you in advance

  • Hello  ,

    I will admit to some bias in this recommendation, but I usually suggest first time quant users start with the quant basic and advanced webinars offered here

    MassHunter Software Webinar Series | Agilent

    Steve and I tried to make these as approachable and new user friendly as possible, starting with the basics of making a batch file, adding sample files, creating a new method from acquired data, reviewing the data, and then generating a report. We also try to showcase many of the features in the batch table and method editor that assist in data review and method setup. These webinars were done in B.08 quant I believe, but the basic steps for using quant are the same, even through to the latest versions. 

    These webinars focus on MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring) data, which may not be directly applicable to the data files you are working with, but I still recommend practicing and going through the process of making an MRM batch first. With a properly set up acquisition method most of the quant method setup work is already done for you. The shipping demo data for the Drugs of Abuse (DOA) data is a small data set with only four targets, so it is easy to see all of the batch and method setup on one screen.

    After these, I would recommend the latest familiarization guides, for either LC/MS or GC/MS, depending on your instrument and data type. These manuals should be installed on your acquisition PC and will have icons that look like Agilent books. 

    These will open a local set of web pages in your browser and from there you can open the familiarization guides.

    I don't believe there is a specific guide for SIM data, but it would be set up similar to MRM data.

    One other tip I'd recommend for learning is having two copies of quant open. You can load an existing batch in one copy, and then try to recreate that batch using the same data files in the other copy. This can be useful for finding your way around and seeing what settings are need for a given set of data. 

    Let us know if this is of any help, or if there are specific tasks that you are not able to find help on. 

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