Mashunter 10.0

Hello, my question is the following; update Masshunter Quant and Qual from version 7 to version 10. 
Although it is true they are very similar, there is information either tutorial or user manual for these versions just as it exists for version 7 or earlier.
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    The latest versions of MassHunter ship with separate installation media that contains the user manuals and familiarization modules. These would typically be loaded at installation on the acquisition PC and the icons would look like an Agilent book. There are different versions for GCMS and LCMS data analysis.

    These will open locally installed web pages in your default browser and allow you to access the manuals and run eFamiliarization if it is available for your revision.

    If you find they weren't installed, or you would like to have a copy on your office PC, these guides currently ship on a flash drive. For GC/MS it will be named GC/MS Software User Information. For LC/MS it would be MassHunter Analysis Resource App xx.x, where xx.x is the software revision. 

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