Strange problem with making/editing and loading MassHunter acquisition method

I am working with an Agilent 6420A LC-QQQ with a 1290 LC.  The MassHunter Workstation software is Version B.08.00, Build 8.0.8023.0.  I am attempting to create a new acquisitlon method by copying and pasting analyte acquisition information from another worklist.  Once the acquisition method reaches a certain number of lines, the instrument has trouble downloading the setpoints to the instrument.  I can remove analytes, line by line, until the instrument is able to successfully download the method.  It doesn't matter if I copy and paste compound information to the list, or append lines and type in the information.

I have never encountered this problem before.  I don't think I have exceeded some sort of size limit for an acquisition method, as we have other acquisition methods that are longer.

  • Hello  ,

    Just wanted to post what we discussed during your call with the support center so if anyone else sees a similar problem they will have some things to try. 

    There can be issues with copying and pasting fairly large amounts of information from the clipboard to MassHunter. From what has been seen in the past, it is often due to Windows resource issues. Doing the usual Windows disk and file system maintenance can help with this, as well as limiting the number of other applications active while trying to copy the compound list.

    Another thing to consider would be to use Excel as an intermediary to consolidate the complete list and then paste it as a whole. As long as you copy the header row along with the compound list it should be able to paste into the compounds list.

    Finally, another general thing that can help with the failed to download method errors, can be resetting the triple quad by power cycling it. This can clear out any bad method settings that may have been downloaded previously. Just make certain to close MassHunter and stop the acquisition engines before doing this. Turn the instrument off for only about 5 seconds and then turn it back on. This will reset all of the electronics and give the smartcard a fresh start.

    Let us know what you find.

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