Peak is properly integrated and within RT window but CDS2.7 keeps showing "peak not found"


I'm running CDS2.7 for a 8890GC-5977MS system. The method is set up with only 1 compound with 1 qualifier ion. Checking a couple of chromatograms, even though both the target and qualifier peaks are properly integrated and the qualifier peak RT is well within the window (less than 0.01 min while the setting is 0.02 min) of the target peak, but CDS2.7 sometimes prompts the qualifier as "peak not found" under Injection Result (after adding Qualifier Status column). As a result the Peak Details window does not show the qualifier peak. Does anyone know what factors CDS2.7 uses to decide whether a peak is found or not besides being integrated and within the target RT window ? I could not find any settings in the processing method that could turn a peak from "not found" to "found".

Thanks, Peter.

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