Way to report more than one hit using Report Builder template?

Using Report Builder 10.1 and doing Unknowns Analysis - very new to this!

I can see how to create a table with various details of the best hit, but would ideally like to show alternative hits as well (in a perfect world alternative hits above a certain match score, or a "top 5" or similar. Is there any way of achieving this without delving into python, which I see that the "all hits" template uses? Essentially looking to report more than one hits of each of the component in a sample. 

Would love to be able to tweak and play with an existing template if anyone has achieved this.  

Edit: I will look into the python side if that's the best way of achieving this with the hit table options there - although some guidance on filters here would be very helpful. The reason I was trying to avoid python was mainly about customising the layout, header, etc of the report - this is going to be more difficult without the visual aspect of report builder. 


  • Hello  ,

    One quick solution for this, if you are only interested in the top X hits in both the UA file and your report, would be to set the Max hit count on the method Compound Identification tab to X. Then the all-hits python based report will show all of those hits. 

    To get the shipping Report Builder template to do this you would need to delete two of the bindings that limit the hit to only the Best Hit. Starting with the LSR_NonTarget template you would remove the BestHit=1 and HitID=PrimaryHitID as shown below.

    In limited testing this appears to work. 

    If you wanted to see or save more hits in your UA file and report only the top X hits that may be a bit more involved. You should be able to add some bindings/filters to only report if above a certain LibraryMatchScore but I'm not certain there is an easy way to only report the top X hits in the report. 

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