ISTD recovery percentages


I am looking for a way to display the ISTD recovery percentages directly in the Quant-my-Way/MassHunter results table.

Is there an option to do so ?

There has to be since the system corrects the results according to those recovery percentages.

I have search through the dataset but I could not find any equation that generates such a result.

We are using MassHunter 10.1 Build 10.1.733.0

Thank you for your time !

  • there is ISTD response % deviation

    this calculate the deviation percent from you calibrants.

    example : 3 cal samples with avg istd peak area 10000

    then any sample added in the batch table will be calculated 

    you can set you min deviation for example ( -15% ) and maximum (+15%) according to your criteria

    I think this is somehow kind or Istd recovery

    this example of set of neat calibration replicates with set of matrix spikes 

    last sample is outlier because it exceeded the minimum accepted recovery -15 %

    I don't know if this is suitable for your needs

    this is ( QuantitationDataSet-en ) it comes with Quant soft

    it clarify every thing you want in Quant tools

  • Thanks Mohammad.

    I will try it and see if it provides the information I need.

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