How do I adjust an MRM method for 7890/7010 GC/MS/MS.

I have a set MRM method for the 7890/7010 GC/MS/MS.  How do I adjust the acquisition window for one target analyte?  All the other analytes are within the window.  The analyte that I need to adjust is cutting off the shoulder of my peak, about 0.05 seconds.

  • if you are standard MRM with multi time segments, i recommend to increase the end.of your intersted time segmet so you can see the whole peak

    note: if you are targeting too many analytes,  the time segemts may interfere with eachother  so its recommended to use Dynamic dMRM

    this is a screen shot of standard MRM with multi time segemts where you only select the start and end of time segment

    and here is a screen of dMRM where you select your analyte and its retention time and delta (+-) scanning time for this analyte

    this is have too many analytes as I've mentioned before

  • another idea

    maybe.your peak cut off is masshunter quantitative software

    i mean that the GCMS detect the analyte normally but the software uses a narrow time.window

    so you have to go to mass hunter quant--» open your method  --»» edit method----»  retention time setup ( on the left side) 

    and increser your left or right RT Delta 

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