Running Chemstation Shell over Masshunter

Masshunter version:  10.2

Chemstation Version F.01.03

Instruments:  7890A / 5975

Hi all,

We purchased a 7890/5975 system about 9 months ago.  Because we are running Chemstation on our older instruments, and Masshunter seems to be geared towards a different workflow (batch processing of data files instead of sequential sample file analysis), we have opted to run the Chemstation "shell" for data acquisition and analysis.  Things work mostly as they should, but there are a a few annoyances that the technician was not able to address during the familiarization process, and we were hoping to eventually figure out on our own, but have thus far been unsuccessful.  The main problem is that although Chemstation acquires the data, it seems to do nothing after this stage.  It does not perform a preliminary quantitation, print reports, etc.  We need to manually go into each file and run "Quant/Generate report" through the Chemstation drop down menus.  In addition, it will not run any of our own custom post-acquisition macros, in our case a simple macro which copies the data file over to a server for a safety back-up.  I believe the two issues are related, in that it seems that while the software engineers got the old Chemstation to acquire, the process ends there.  I have contacted customer support but nobody seems to have even a "YES/NO it is possible" answer to what seems like a simple question.  So I am reaching out to the community to see if anybody runs in our particular configuration, and what solutions are (or maybe aren't) available.  I can write a Python script to transfer the files, but it would sure be nice to have the data files automatically quantitated and printed so the analysts could see at a glance if things were looking okay.  

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