MassHunter Reporting Training (G6845-60008). Is there a version that does not use Adobe Flash player?

I am attempting to use MassHunter Reporting Training but the instructional videos are in Adobe Flashplayer which we all know is gone.  Is there an updated MassHunter Reporting Training disk or flash available?

  • Hi Tommy,

    MassHunter Quant has moved away from Excel based reporting customization. Today - we recommend using the Report Builder platform to make minor changes to existing report templates. 

    There are a set of videos that ship on the Quant installation media (under the "Supplemental\Videos" folder). You can find an index of those videos in the index.htm contained in that folder. It will guide you through approaches to modifying the shipping Report Builder templates. 

  • Thank you for the reply. 

    I attempted to view the training for Report Builder 10.2.1, however those videos are in .swf format too. The eFamiliarization is worthless if one likes to see a visual. I read in another post there is Report Builder 11. Is that true? If so is it compatible with MH 10?

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  • Hi  ,

    The videos for PDF report builder that   is referring to are installed with the Supplemental material from the quant media. They are in .mp4 and .wmv format. I have found that on some systems the mp4 videos will play from index web page, but the .mwv ones may not. You may have to navigate to the folder and launch the videos directly from there.

    While Report Builder 11 should be able to open previous versions of templates, there are features that may not compatible with MassHunter 10.x. quant. MassHunter 11 is currently only available for LCMS TOF/QTOF instrument. A release supporting our other instruments is coming, but there is currently no release information available. 

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